Charging for business
From a single station to fleet management

All in one solution to support any commercial charging situation.

Traditional business

Installing an electric car charger is one of the most future-proof decisions that you can make for your business. It provides a meaningful contribution to sustainable lifestyle, attracts new clients, increases brand awareness and reflects well on the company’s image.

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Charge point operators
If you are operating a network of charge points, you can easily profit even more of a much demanded service. Effortless set up of scalable charging fleets with lower cost per charger. Remote charge management operation, and hardware maintenance.
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eMobility providers
Designed to provide access to variety of charge points, accommodate public charging services internationally, and grant digital access to end-users regardless of their usual charge service provider.
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Diverse access and operation benefits

Access to charging networks across Europe regardless of your service provider.
Supports fleet charging with an unlimited number of chargers and user accounts.
Smart charging
Optimized energy consumption and grid protection with dynamic load balancing.
Supporting products

Remote operation via charge management platform and app

Management dashboard

Allows to keep track and perform remote firmware updates. Make use of dynamic pricing and set different charge tariffs when needed.

Scalable charging network

Add an unlimited number of chargers and user accounts, and manage it all at once. Monitoring and the all flow of data will be under your control.

Integrated payments

Easy collection of payments and organization of financial operations. Automatic invoicing and billing services allows to keep a good customer service.

Access to charge map

Find the nearest charge point, check availability, and reserve a charger in real-time.

Live status monitoring

Receive notifications on charging status, battery level updates, view transactions, and charge history.

Card-linked payments

Allows automatically pay for charging services without taking your wallet out.

STUART Car Charger

Enable forward-thinking technology and charging services.

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The first universal car charger
STUART Powerboard

Enable forward-thinking technology and charging services.

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Effortless energy consumption control

Practical matters

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